June 13, 2019 - Press Release

VIP Medical Group introduces new service line dedicated to

critical operational needs of healthcare industry

Healthcare conglomerate announces expanded venture with industry expert

Jane Wilkinson-Bunch centered around compliance, billing and consulting

Atlanta, GA, June 13, 2019 … In an effort to assist the healthcare industry overcome operational challenges
in an ever-changing environment, VIP Medical Group (VIP), a longtime Georgia and Florida-based company dedicated to medical product and service solutions, announced today that it has introduced a new lineup of compliance, billing and consulting services. Led by its new partner and Chief Compliance and Consulting Officer Jane Wilkinson-Bunch , a veteran healthcare reimbursement specialist, VIP has expanded its array of products and services to support the needs of home and durable medical equipment (HME/DME) clients, hospitals, pharmacies, skilled nursing facilities, as well as other clinical providers.

VIP’s expansion into the compliance, billing and consulting arena, will offer prospective and existing clients
a proprietary Electronic Management Records (EMR) system that will enable it to offer tailored services for
healthcare providers from intake and authorization all the way through to billing and collection. VIP’s new
service line will also include competitive pricing options for all competitive bid items and HME/DME
products, and alleviates concerns about denials, prior authorizations, posting of secondary submissions, and adequate staffing.

“The healthcare industry is rapidly re-inventing itself, which poses unique challenges for providers seeking
to build revenue in measurable ways -- while at the same time -- offering high-level patient care,” said
Michael Kochen, partner and Chief Operating Officer of VIP, and head of the company’s technology
division. “It was a no-brainer for us to join forces with a guru like Jane Wilkinson-Bunch in order to offer
the industry a one-stop shop package to help address their most pressing compliance, financial, operational, and technological needs.”

Prior to joining VIP, Wilkinson-Bunch, who is also a former licensed respiratory therapist, served as the
CEO and Founder of the Marietta, Georgia-based Jane’s Healthcare Consulting, Inc. With over 33 years of
experience in the HME, pharmacy, operations and retail sectors, Wilkinson-Bunch has conducted
nationwide educational seminars, assisted large companies and small to mid-sized entities with tactful
responses to audits, devised corporate and HIPAA compliance plans, coordinated response to fraud and
abuse cases, licensure regulations, and conducted executive-level counseling on streamlining bid offerings, organizational structure and productivity analysis. After spending nearly three decades building a national billing and consulting agency, Wilkinson-Bunch sold her company due to an illness that consumed her life. The new venture with VIP is Wilkinson-Bunch’s first endeavor after her sabbatical, and is looking forward to giving back to healthcare providers in the industry of which she is deeply embedded.

“I am thrilled to return to healthcare and partner with this industry-leading healthcare conglomerate with
decades of experience in helping providers improve their operations and reach their ultimate financial
goals,” said Jane Wilkinson-Bunch. “Our new partnership and expanded services at VIP Medical Group
were forged with tangible results in mind for our clients so that they can grow and solely focus on what
matters most -- the patient.”

In addition to its newly added suite of services, clients are privy to VIP’s network that allows it to source
nearly any equipment related to the healthcare industry with the capacity to ship daily across the globe.
VIP’s technology division, which sits at the intersection of healthcare, providers, payers and consumers,
offers integrated support in varying areas of a company’s workflow. Using VIP’s software -- written
specifically to obtain the highest level of reimbursement -- the company provides clients with the reports
needed to run an efficient business.



About VIP Medical Group:

VIP Medical Group offers a vast array of products and services that encompass the needs of HME, DME,
Pharmacy, Skilled Nursing Facilities, as well as other types of providers. Our years of combined expertise
allow us to operate seamlessly within an ever-changing landscape. Founded over three decades ago by
partner and Chief Executive Officer Marcelo Kochen, VIP Medical Group has flourished by continuing to
offer value-added services from the latest in technology to efficient and effective billing to unequaled
product pricing across all categories of the industry. Visit us at

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